EFU Life & OSF memorizes World Donor Day with blood donation Motivation and voluntary blood Donation camp.


A blood donation motivation, Thalassaemia awareness and voluntary blood donation camp was organized in EFU life Assurance Ltd. The employees were well organized and motivated. It was fourth consecutive Blood donation camp in EFU Life for last four years in the month of June, “The month of World Donor Day”. The event converted in to fun gala, thanks to the administration of EFU Life, the donor were given smiley as a tension

releaser and blood donor caps were also distributed as a souvenir. Donors displayed large blood group symbols to create awareness of the importance of these groups and easy identification.  Dr. Rahat and his team need congratulation for organizing such a successful event. Equally thankful to the management especially, Mr. Director and Ms evelyne Abrogena for their continuous support and tireless efforts for saving lives through these events. Later the two were acknowledged with memoranda of their services.


Please Adopt Me

 Thalassaemia patients need our support, you can adopt a child and support his family. Please contact us  Read More.

Donate Blood

Thanks for donating blood for Thalessemia kids , if you want to join our donors club please call us on 34977847 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.l.

Awareness Program

We believe that the awareness and efforts made by us will also lead to a combine effort from all stakeholders.