KU VC inaugurates Thalassaemia screening unit at University, vows to transform KU into Thalassaemia-free campus

Karachi: On the eve of World Thalassaemia Day being observed globally on May 08, Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi Dr. Muhammad Qaiser Wednesday inaugurated a Thalassaemia Screening Center at the varsity and announced to transform


Karachi University into a Thalassaemia-free educational institute.
The Thalassaemia Screening Center at KU has been established by the Omair Sana Foundation (OSF), an NGO working for the elimination of Thalassaemia and other genetic blood disorders, where students and teachers would be screened for Thalassaemia as well as they would be given valuable information on how to prevent their future generations from the preventable disease.
Lauding the efforts of Omair Sana Foundation (OSF) for treatment, prevention and creating awareness about the Thalassaemia and other blood diseases in local society, the Vice Chancellor said prevention was key to eliminate the hereditary blood disorders from the country and assured his and varsity administration’s full support to OSF’s cause and activities.
Expressing grave concern over the growing incidence of Thalassaemia in Pakistani Society, Dr. Muhammad Qaiser said Thalassaemia Screening Center would help varsity students to get themselves screened against Thalassaemia and other genetic blood disorders and would also create awareness about the disease.
He maintained that lack of awareness was the basic cause of spread of hereditary blood disorders in our society and urged media, educational institutes and people from all walks of life to spread awareness about the dreaded disease.
On the occasion, KU VC announced that with the help of OSF health experts, KU would be transformed into a Thalassaemia-free varsity within next four to five years where everybody would know about the causes and preventive measures against the disease.
OSF General Secretary and renowned hematologist Dr. Saqib hussain Ansari said on the occasion that every year 6000 children are born with Thalassaemia and remain dependent on donors’ blood for their entire lives.
“Ironically, these children get the dreaded blood disease from their parents, who could have avoided giving birth to such defected children by having a little prior information about the disease and its prevention” he said and added that Thalassaemia could be completely eradicated from the country with coordinated efforts by people from all walks of life.
Dr. Ansari, on the occasion also urged students to regularly donate blood for thousands of children, who need blood after every few weeks to remain alive and said blood donation is a beneficial process for both the donors as well as the recipients.
Scores of students, volunteers of OSF, faculty members and employees of the varsity later participated in a walk inside KU campus to raise awareness about Thalassaemia and highlight the importance of blood donations in saving lives.
Earlier KU Students Advisor, Dr. Ansar rizvi, Dr. Rahat Hussain and Obaid Hashmi of OSF also spoke to the participants of the Thalassaemia Walk which was organized at the eve of World Thalassaemia Day. The walk which started from Pharmacy department was culminated at the Thalassaemia Screening Center.

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